Monday, June 1, 2020

Sourcing Vitamin C

Snap Peas, rich in Vitamin C, have achieved a bountifulness that warms a gardener's heart. Mind you a person in their right mind, and blessed by plenty, can really only eat so many of them before entering the slow process of finding fault with them. Then, on the internet radio, your hear the expression "Chef Crafted Food" which somehow or other was delivered to your door, where it can be kept in the cupboard so that you can impress your friends with your ability to open packaging and straightaway you know that we're all doomed as our President hides in his basement.

I could well sound like an old fart, but some of these newer fangled seed packets are almost impossible to open without scattering Carrot seeds in your garden path, which is very stony garden path and everyone should know that Carrots, which to the uninitiated cupboard openers are root vegetables, aren't happy in stony ground. Go ahead call me a Pompous Ass, but to my mind Chef Crafted Food would be Guinea Pigs roaming the kitchen floor enjoying the left over Snap Peas, the little creatures have been a protein source for us people in parts of South America for over 5000 years, and like us, Guinea Pigs also sometimes have a problem sourcing Vitamin C.

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