Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Who knew

Stark reality. Let's loot Macys. Don't know much about Macys. Something to do with a balloon parade and quality designer handbags, but clearly for those devoted to the shopping experience it's a temple of some sort, no doubt righteous tears will be shed, calls for vengeance and human sacrifice, and oddly enough I haven't seen a vapor trail for some weeks now, there's normally one or two in the sky. Which is not to say I don't have my own responsibilities, I am currently acting primary caregiver to two semi-domesticated felines both of whom know my weaknesses and insecurities. Last night I was permitted a sheet, a pillow and one third of my bed, so it was an uncomfortable and sleepless night for me but my charges were well rested by morning when they roused me for their breakfast at 5 am. Unrest! Absolutely, might be time to find a bible take it to the nearest church stand outside wondering how one's suppose to hold a sacred scripture. It'll be iconic and certainly it'll impress the Girl Cat, but maybe not the Kitten, who did notice I've been a little casual with her water bowl.

In the 1960's you had President Johnson, he couldn't take it anymore, Vietnam destroyed him, broke his heart some say. The war was wrong and he couldn't get out of it with any kind of dignity other than just admitting the whole thing was a huge mistake, which wouldn't have gone down well with his party. You had the Democratic Governor of Alabama, a man called George Wallace, who like our current president had what's called the populist message, basically the whole world sucks, lets go back to something like 1776. Wallace didn't make it as a Democrat much beyond Alabama, so he had his own party, called the American Independent Party, it was real big in the Carolinas. You had a man called Hubert Humphrey, who was Johnson's vice president, he was about as exciting as cold toast. And you had Richard Milhous Nixon. So politics-wise what to do. Nixon's advisors said, "Look, you got plans which include an understanding of a useful future for our country, and good jobs for us, but you're not going to beat Wallace unless you have something that roughly makes sense to people who might be tempted to vote for Wallace. Might sound tricky for you Milhous, but how about Law and Order." Nixon went for it, and the rest is now history which we seem to be reliving, sound bights and all.

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