A Derailment

Coming Soon to an E-Retailer Near Your!!!!

 From Tim Candler, a writer of pulp.

In 1960 something our hero is in England, he's doing his best to understand the English Speaking People, their customs, their cruel and unusual system of education, their climate, their train timetables. A Derailment is a ripping yarn, boarding school, relatives, trance states, Latin, Bulldog Drummond, the long arm of the merchant class and I could go on.

It's an Ebook so there are billions and billions of copies available for 180.52 INR or 2.99 USD or 351.67 JPY, plus applicable taxes, VAT etc.. So join me, let's kick the man down, let's put him in his place. Send me your email and I'll be sure to secure you a free copy. Which is not as easy as it sounds, because nothing ever is......

Email to: timcandler@windstream.net

Tags: Propaganda and Messaging, Collage by Ella Shand, General Theory, Prolix, Discursive, Episodic, Damn Good Read, Have a Nice Day, It'll be Spring Soon.

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